A Wine Tourist for the Day

June 22, 2011 at 10:34 AM

My trip to Ontario is coming to an end.  My sister is in good humour, even after being included in my last blog, and I have really enjoyed being around the kids.  The speed at which my nieces and nephew are growing reminds me not to let too much time pass before my next visit.  Family was the focus for this long overdue trip, not to visit wineries, but when my friend, HA, told me of a winery that uses lambs in the vineyards… I could not resist. 

The winery she was referring to with the lambs is Featherstone Estate Winery.  Our daytrip was spontaneous in nature, as both our schedules over the time I was visiting were busy.  Sadly, Featherstone was closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to the public, and we were not able to visit them. Alternatively, we planned to travel to Niagara-on-the-Lake.  So with only a departure time and meeting place set up, I went online the night before to come up with an itinerary.  A quick reference I have used in the past is the winesofcanada.com website to get a snapshot of a wine region.  I jotted addresses down of wineries I had heard of through award competitions and had wanted to put a ‘face to a name’ so to speak.  I am not sure there is a website like okwineries.com available for Ontario wineries, and it wasn’t until we turned off the QEW towards our destination that my friend HA and I realized we didn’t know how to put the addresses of the wineries into perspective.  We needed easy access to the information that associations such as the Lakeshore Rd. Wine trail or Okanagan Falls Winery Association can provide to help visitors target a specific area without getting overwhelmed.   While HA was driving, I found a PDF for the Wineries of Niagara-on-the-Lake, and downloaded it to my phone.  Even then the two of us drove around and around trying to find the wineries I had chosen to visit the night before!  We decided our lesson was to let the plan go, and just enjoy what unfolded.  With that sense of adventure in mind, I wanted to let everything I know about wineries go and just be a tourist for the day! 


 Our first stop was Hillebrand of the Andrew Peller Ltd. family of wineries.  HA had been there a few years back for a work conference, and wanted me to see the beautiful grounds.  It was going to be a gorgeous day and we spent a few minutes admiring the vineyards from the raised observation deck. HA told me this had been the reception area for her work event.  We walked past the servers setting up the patio, and into the wine shop where we were greeted by Jordan.  He had come from behind the tasting counter to welcome us and offer his assistance.  I told him I was unfamiliar with the Ontario wines, and hoped he might select the wines for me to taste.  He was very knowledgeable during the tasting, and quite keen to showcase  the Hillebrand and Trius wines.  He poured me the Trius Brut, the 'Wild Ferment' Chardonnay and the Trius Red for the $7 tasting of three wines, and whether it was his design or not, gave me a great perspective for Ontario wines in his choices. 


Our next stop, also unplanned, was Coyote’s Run Estate Winery.  The poor girl behind the counter was VERY busy.  She was exceptional in how she used her time, but the steady stream of customers had her moving between the cash and tasting counter too quickly, to really inform me about the wines at Coyote’s Run.  What I deduced on my own was the vineyards included two different soils; one consisted of red clay (Red Paw Vineyard), and the other black clay (Black Paw Vineyard).    It was a missed opportunity not to showcase the difference of the Chardonnays and Pinot noirs from the two different soils, but I enjoyed the 2010 Rare Vintage Pinot Gris and a chance to try a Syrah from Ontario.

The area has 26 wineries, and with such a short time, there was no way to visit them all that day.  HA and I decided it would be best to have a visit of our own, rather than visit any more wineries.  Since it was a vacation, and not work related in any way, I thought my first visit to the Niagara-on-the-Lake should be more about the quality of the visit, rather than the quantity of wineries visited.  We found a spot on the patio of the Riverbend Inn & Vineyard and had a fabulous lunch overlooking the Peller Estates.  We poked around the town a little after lunch and finished our day with a gelato before climbing back into the car for the trip home. 

It was nice to be a tourist for a day, and to see the wine industry from a different perspective.  Professionally, I enjoyed the wines I was able to try on my first visit to a new region.  Personally, I left the region not really knowing any more than I did before.  I guess the lesson for us in the wine industry is that it is not enough to just draw someone to the region.  Once there, all the wineries have a responsibility to inform and entertain our guests.  We can do this through our stories of our history, our wine philosophies and the people behind the wine. 


Sunday_in_Oliver_042_3.jpgBarb is fascinated by the rapid growth in the wine industry since she arrived in the Okanagan Valley, and is curious to see how we define ourselves as a wine producing region.  She loves skiing, learned to surf in Chile and literally dances to her own beat.  She is currently seeking a role in the wine industry as a winemaker, and lives for the moment when those first grapes arrive at the cellar door.


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25000 for the short repayment term of 6months- decade. Instant loans, for $1,500 or less, may be approved in minutes that has a secure online application. These loans are fast, discrete, convenient and will even be used for on the comfort of home. Otherwise, it can keep on extending and turn into a speed-breaker inside your auto dream. With trust ratings, you progressively build the total amount of money you are able to borrow -- meaning a corporation that allows their clientele to borrow at most A?1,500 might originally restrict the bucks borrowed to A?400 as being a starter. The funds are most often used in the same community strengthening the town's economy. It is usually simple day by day management of the money to assist you budget it right. Majority of vendor approve loans which can be between $50-$1500 dollars, this is definitely determined with the applicants monthly income in case they develop the ability to before the following day. Driving traffic to the present adds gives you quick money but it will require that you simply wide choice of traffic generation techniques. Don't try this, ensure if you might be talking about "Dogs" which you only provide links about dogs.
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For the ones from us who already post on forums, much like me, this is really a GREAT approach to make some quick money online. The entire process from initial application to your funds disbursement is completed online, quickly and conveniently. Having less-than-perfect credit definitely helps it be harder to perform anything financially related. In order to bridge the short financial gaps which is not easy to deal, find the help from payday loans without hesitation. Another factor to your bad rep may be the consumers still decide to take the borrowed funds even having a lack of understanding in the terms. Online pay day loans are convenient, secure, and in most cases come which has a better rate than your neighborhood retail outlet. As the US experienced the finance crunch, banks held on tight on their assets. If you have filed for insolvency or has declared bankrupt, then even just in this state he or she is capable for producing application for cash advance loans. The repayment process comes within the form with the borrower's next paycheck. Look out with the trend swinging back around to its long-term trend because is to pick up monster 100 point plus moves.
If you've filed for insolvency or has declared bankrupt, then during this state he could be capable in making application for these plans. Many folks are using bank loans to enhance their homes. Whatever the reason available for you wanting credit, the way you spend it really is up for you. Trust me, these plans are just the thing for such times and also providing extra cash throughout the holidays. In case you could very well be unavailable to your interval (as an example, existing soldiers personnel heading to your discipline) allow us know really effectively upfront to we're able to function all-all-around that likewise, and nevertheless all-around on time.
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In these instances payday advances can present you with a viable solution. You develop the privilege of internet with you which will help someone to avail these loans within a very comfortable and way. You need money to cover some urgent bills within 24 hours and you also don't desire to go for your friends, but worried how. In most places, you are viewed an adult when you happen to be eighteen numerous years of age. Remember to analyze the borrowed funds quotes as it will ensure your new car finance remains pleasurable in your case. Inversely, if you will not be a good steward of your cash advance and fail to pay back the lender punctually or make arrangements to accomplish so, an adverse report against it is possible to be issued that may lower your credit ranking. If that suits you recommending products and earning through commissions, it is possible to try your luck at online marketing. This article gives a cashflow lending definition and discusses the sources of income funding accessible to businesses from the UK today.
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There are multiple solutions to pay to the insurance, and affordable coverage emerged for every budget. The smartest option would be to log on towards the internet making use of payday options like payday lenders. The sell price within your home is determined by several factors such as the condition of your respective home, the location within your home etc.
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