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Whether you enjoy an occasional glass of vino with dinner or you consider yourself a wine expert clearly apparent by your ever-expanding cellar collection, the New Year is the perfect time to set some wine-inspired goals or "resolutions". Like any goal or resolution you set, there is a tendency to slack off, abandon the cause, or conveniently "forget" about said goal a few weeks into the new year. When it comes to wine, however, hopefully setting and sticking to resolutions will be much easier and perhaps even more fun than the average goal. So, grab a glass of your favorite Okanagan wine, and be inspired for 2015!
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This past week saw the arrival of winter in BC wine country in the form of a beautiful blanket of snow. The white crystals have added a magical quality to the already breathtaking vineyards, and brought with it the promise of the holiday season that is upon us. While harvest marked the end of the wine season in most people's minds, winemakers are still hard at work monitoring and tweaking their wines, preparing for the holiday season, and hosting special events over the course of the next month.
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Beaumont Family Estate Winery - Pinot Noir


Reviewed by unwinedbb on

"I enjoy all wines this organic winery has to offer. Although I am partial to their Reserve, no one I have referred to this winery has been disappointed!"


Gray Monk Estate Winery - Pinot Auxerrois

Reviewed by rlconzatti on

Very light fruity wine that is perfect on the palate with cheese. Great sipping wine on a hot summer day! So close to home!


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